One Outta Three

Just a quick update post, I am incredibly proud of myself that within the past three days *drum roll please* ……. I finished my first novel in about a whole year!
I absolutely loved and fell in love with all the characters in David Nicholls’ One Day. After watching the film when it first appeared in cinema and instantly buying the book, I came back from uni and looked on my bookshelf and was lost in
confusion as to why I never even started to read it. It’s one of those sorts of books which you can follow intensely with as true to life comparisons are made (to an extent). It is a modern twist set on a looming romance over two decades between two opposite people. The ending is incredibly sad, however the last four chapters really hit you even harder as the past and present are intertwined. Personally the fact that the student life of the two protagonists was set in Edinburgh completely intrigued me. I could easily picture all the places mentioned and Arthur’s Seat featured which played a significant role to this untypical love story.
I have began to read one of Nicholls’ other novels Starter For Ten. Having also watched the film I am already hooked and a quarter of the way through, even though I bought it this afternoon.
I highly recommend any of Nicholls’ novels for a brisk summer read.

Goodnight and take care! X20140531-005705-3425838.jpg