Summer Time Ambitions

As I am sitting here in my bedroom, not my ugly, prison-like room in student halls, I have got to thinking; before I return to Student life in September, what do I want to achieve at the end of Summer? Even the minor things like be outside as much as possible, even in the pouring rain. Therefore I have devised a quick list of everything I want to do this Summer and hopefully as time goes on over the next few months and as I check off these ‘ambitions’ I hope to add more and more and more!

So here it goes… Brace yourself… Summer is coming…

1) Read at least three books (Any recommendations would be mucho appreciated)

2) Get shifts in at work to work as much as possible and hopefully earn a substantial amount to help me fund travelling and a strong cider addiction.

Which brings me on to number 3…

3) Drink my body weight in cider through getting tipsy with friends in the long summer days. As of today I have bought three cases of cider to see me through nights out, the cheeky drink with dinner and *drum roll please* MY BIRTHDAY! To many of you reading and even to myself, I understand that this proceeding relationship I have with cider is quite strong.. (strongbow..).. But it’s a very guilty pleasure and I do try to drink responsibly.

4) Rewatch and catch up with all my favourite American shows. I get addicted to TV series’ and have a bad habit of powering through a whole season within a day or two if I am bed bound. So this Summer (only for when i’m bored, ill or lazy) I would love to cuddle into my duvet and watch reruns.

5) Agh.. here is the big one; I need and want to exercise more. One of my biggest regrets growing up was stop leading a very active lifestyle. I used to play every sport and join in with every sporting opportunity, however new relationships most definitely interfered with that and I hate myself for it. Thus I will strive to loose a few pounds which I have quite clearly gained over first year and I hope to fall back in love with something which always made me so happy. Plus (fun fact for y’all), exercising is a great method of enhancing mood as serotonin is released from the brain into the blood stream and is an immediate ‘pick-me-up’!

6) Festivals! For the third year I will be fortunate enough to attend T in the Park and I want to make sure that this will be the greatest of all the years so far. Firstly the acts are incredible this year and secondly for the first time I will be camping and going with a great group of friends.

7) Cook and bake. I’ve always been a keen baker/cook and this Summer I want to broaden my skills and knowledge of cooking. I want to reattempt to bake macaroons, I want to bake the most excellent loaf of bread crammed with seeds and I also want to make tiramisu. Watch this space for how I gained weight rather than loose it.

8) Reform a relationship with my family. Over the past years there has been a little family drama-rama which caused relationships to distance themselves slightly. I think this is possibly my number one goal starting as soon as and this Summer I will be solely dedicated to treating my Mum to days out, nice things and plenty of home cooked meals. Love you mumma!

9) Get work experience. Although I am fortunate enough to have been provided opportunities to work for about four years now, I really want to broaden my personal experience for future use. It would be great this year to be able to shadow a professional working in the field of work I am striving to achieve. Broadening knowledge is one of the sole things an individual can do in any situation throughout their life. I want to be 30 and look back and feel that the opportunities I have provided for myself helped me both personally and within a steady job.

10) Take as many photos as possible.


Once again I can only hope that anyone out there reading my lame blog posts will enjoy them. I’d love to know any of your summer hopes and also any advice would be greatly appreciated. In the upcoming months I will try to update this list and tell all of my experiences.

Thank you for reading

Goodnight from no longer the capital, but the comfort of my home. XEdinburgh